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Sector standards

We want a high-quality and equitable investment ecosystem that supports social enterprises, charities and social purpose organisations to improve people’s lives across the UK. Therefore, we aim to develop structures and practices that are diverse and inclusive as well as effective at delivering impact.

The social impact investment market is still at a relatively early stage of development, and the way the sector operates needs to improve in a number of areas. As the recent pandemic highlighted, existing structural inequalities, and the lack of diversity and inclusion, are among the most critical questions that need addressing. In terms of gender and race diversity, our organisations do not reflect the broader communities we serve, while capital continues to neglect BAME-led enterprises.

Answering critical questions such as what impact is, how we measure it, and how we manage for it, is a work in progress. To make sure we live up to our aspirations and hold ourselves accountable to the impact we claim to create, we need to reach a shared understanding, and improve our capabilities and practices. We’ve started to address these questions in specific areas of our work, as part of our broader sector building efforts.