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A community nursery in Hull, Child Dynamix, received investment from Social and Sustainable Capital

Our response to COVID-19

The current Coronavirus pandemic is not only presenting significant risks to people’s health, but may also threaten the financial sustainability of many social enterprises, charities and the vital services they provide.

If you're a social investor looking for further information on how to tackle the challenges ahead - we have created a page to keep you updated on our plans as we respond to COVID-19.

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Independent Review of Big Society Capital

The Big Society Trust has been tasked with commissioning an independent, quadrennial review of each of the four organisations it oversees, including Big Society Capital. The review of Big Society Capital will look at the key achievements and identify strategic issues where it believes further consideration is required for sustained success in delivering the organisation’s published goals.

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What we're working on

We work with partners to address a range of social issues. Here are some examples of what we're currently working on.

Our impact

We improve the lives of people in the UK through investment with a sustainable return. Since 2012, we've made more than 80 investments into fund managers and social banks, who in turn make money available to social enterprises and charities to create impact.

  • 1,209

    Number of social enterprises and charities with investment from Big Society Capital

  • £1.9bn

    Total amount of investment available to social enterprises and charities

  • £1.3bn

    Total amount of signed capital from other investors alongside us

  • For social enterprises and charities

    Social impact investment can sometimes be confusing and difficult to navigate. Find out whether repayable finance is right for your organisation and how to get started.

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  • For investors

    There are many ways that different types of investors can have a significant impact, helping to improve the lives of people while also achieving a financial return.

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  • For fund managers

    After an investment is made, we support fund managers to measure and manage social impact and financial performance, and help them to develop strong, sustainable business models.

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