Helping charities scale through property ownership

Social and Sustainable Capital created a property fund that appeals to both charities and investors.


Key stats

  • 30

    Number of organisations that will be supported

  • 10,000

    Number of people that will be housed

  • £100m

    Target total fund size

  • The challenge

    Access to safe and stable accommodation is essential to help improve the lives of people facing difficult situations such as addiction or homelessness, however many charities face barriers when trying to secure property. The private rented sector can’t offer a solution in many cases, with private landlords preferring not to let to those receiving benefits. Some of these charities have started purchasing property, however there are many challenges, such as the gathering a deposit that could be 30% or more.

  • Our approach

    By owning their own properties charities can become more financially sustainable and resilient than through leasing properties. Social and Sustainable Capital (SASC) presented a solution though their Housing Fund, co-designed with charities and social enterprises to ensure it met their needs. In order to remove some of the barriers to ownership SASC’s Fund eliminates the need for a deposit, offering charities a 105% mortgage. The extra 5% can be put towards the management of the properties purchased. The Fund will also help charities to move on to accessing mainstream finance in the long term, offering the change to a traditional mortgage after 10 years.

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Whether you are a social enterprise, charity, investor or fund manager, we’d like to hear from you about how we can unite capital, expertise and ideas to solve social issues.