Zamo Capital 1 LP

Fund providing growth capital and support for social impact investment fund managers.

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Social impact investment is growing, with around 50 specialist fund managers in the UK. However, many find it challenging to reach sustainability which in turn makes it difficult to reach the critical mass needed for the market to operate effectively.


Zamo Capital is a specialist investor in impact fund managers, providing growth capital and intensive support to help them achieve the scale needed to be resilient and sustainable.

The fund

The Fund invests debt and equity in fund managers, providing capital, expertise and support to help them raise funds and grow their businesses. Zamo will invest in those of Big Society Capital’s existing fund managers that are suitable for scaling, as well as other profit with purpose and social impact investment funds.

  • Fund size

    £15 million
  • Big Society Capital commitment

    £15 million

Key information

  • Geography

    UK wide
  • Investment type

    Enterprise equity
  • Fund manager

    Zamo Capital
  • Investment status

  • Investment date

  • Term

    5 years