We want to build partnerships that can help communities develop vibrant, local social economies which reduce poverty and iron out inequality.


Impact and performance

  • £183.1m

    Total invested by Big Society Capital

  • £318.1m

    Total invested by Big Society Capital and other investors alongside us

  • £38m

    Projected community savings and benefit funds from community energy projects

  • The challenge

    Where you were born should not affect your opportunity to live a happy and fulfilling life. But there are many areas in the UK that have experienced high levels of deprivation for many years, and even in relatively prosperous areas there can be pockets that reveal huge levels of inequality.

    Creating long-term social change is complex. We believe one of the best chances of success comes from working in a place.

  • Our approach

    We work with local networks and leaders from across sectors to understand local needs and identify how we can bring the right range of skills, experience and resources to help. Together we generate ideas for how to connect capital to the enterprises that help their communities to flourish.

    We help create in place-based investments designed around the needs and ambitions of places. We also invest to support community business models that empower local people, address local issues and generate long term income for their community.

Current work

Working with expert partners, we seek to understand people’s needs first. Then, using our knowledge and capital, we collaborate and invest with fund managers who also want to create a better, sustainable future.

Funds in Place

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