We want to create a more inclusive housing market, providing high quality, safe and affordable homes so people can lead better lives.


Key stats

  • £146.4m

    Total invested by Big Society Capital

  • £815.4m

    Total invested by Big Society Capital and other investors alongside us

  • 5,418

    Projected number of people to be housed

  • The challenge

    The housing market crisis is affecting people all over the UK. High quality, affordable housing is in short supply, while there are rising levels of homelessness, people living in unsuitable accommodation and people unable to access the support they need. Home ownership is increasingly unaffordable, leaving many people in the private rental market with insecure tenancies.

  • Our approach

    We look for housing ideas to improve lives and help address the root causes of housing inequality by changing the system. This includes unlocking greater amounts of impact-led capital from institutional investors and helping scale or replicate business models creating better outcomes.

    We invest in buying or developing homes for vulnerable and disadvantaged people, such as housing for people with learning disabilities or who are homeless. We also invest in social property funds to increase the supply and quality of affordable and social housing in the private rented sector.

Current work

Working with expert partners, we seek to understand people’s needs first. Then, using our knowledge and capital, we collaborate and invest with fund managers who also want to create a better, sustainable future.


We want to work with social entrepreneurs, charities, housing associations, developers, investors and public bodies to develop better housing at scale for people.