Early action

We want to tackle social issues at an early stage, either to stop them occurring or to prevent them from worsening.


Key stats

  • £106.2m

    Total invested by Big Society Capital

  • £287.8m

    Total invested by Big Society Capital and other investors alongside us

  • 27,707

    Number of people supported by Bridges Fund Management and Big Issue Invest through social outcomes contracts

  • The challenge

    Many social challenges, from obesity to unemployment, and preventing mental ill health, are tackled best by acting early to address their root causes. But too often the systems and interventions we have in place are not set up that way and instead try to pick up the pieces later. By then it is often too late, with issues becoming deeper and more complex.

  • Our approach

    We work with partners on issues where early action can make a difference, seeking to understand people’s needs to bring a range of skills, experience and resources to the table. Only then can we create ideas and investment solutions to address root causes and prevent issues from occurring or escalating.

    We develop new approaches with the potential to replicate and scale, and do so mainly through outcomes contracts and social ventures.

Current work

Working with expert partners, we seek to understand people’s needs first. Then, using our knowledge and capital, we collaborate and invest with fund managers who also want to create a better, sustainable future.

Funds in early action

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We want to work with social entrepreneurs, charities and public bodies to help tackle social issues at an early stage.