Mwansa Phiri

About Mwansa

Mwansa's role at Big Society Capital focuses on impact management and measurement.

Prior to joining Big Society Capital, Mwansa was as Researcher at Word Benchmarking Alliance with a focus on measuring and incentivising business impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Alongside, she also led on the development of WBA’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy with a focus on increasing youth engagement and representation of marginalised groups.

Previously, Mwansa completed Teach First Leadership Development Programme and worked in education as a teacher of mathematics and lead practitioner. She has experience leading on school improvements, student voices and youth advocacy.

Mwansa is a Churchill Fellow 2018 (CF) where she was awarded a travel fellowship to explore how community-oriented initiatives can address racial disparities within the criminal justice system and empower people to advocate for fairer outcomes. She is also a Fellow of Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and a Teach First Ambassador.

She is a trustee of The Difference, an education charity that works to to improve the life-outcomes of the most vulnerable children by improving teaching standards in alternative provision schools. As well as training and working with senior leaders in mainstream schools on inclusive education approaches to reduce the number of exclusions.