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Impact venture

Our goal in impact venture, is to shape an ecosystem that nurtures and scales innovative ways of tackling social problems – through mission-driven enterprises that embed societal benefit in their approaches. Tech-enabled business models can have a transformative impact on social issues, if they are deployed in the right context, with the right intent, and with a business model aligned to impact, particularly for social issues including health, mental health, education and financial inclusion.

  • £11m invested in four venture funds in 2021
  • 200+ startups connected to capital
  • 10m+ people reached

Our approach

We invest our capital with top-tier venture managers whose values are aligned to ours, and who are looking to enhance their impact practice, and with impact-dedicated managers who are pioneering innovative approaches.

We build our impact leadership in a venture context by pioneering new tools, systems and processes to enhance and embed impact practice – and through that to unlock impact as a driver of value. We engage with investors, venture fund managers and entrepreneurs throughout the ecosystem – seeking to grow the impact venture movement and amplify the great work that others are doing, delivering impact through technology.

Commitments from 2021

In 2021, we committed £11 million in four venture funds that deliver on these goals – bringing our current portfolio to more than a dozen live venture funds to date.

Through our portfolio we’ve reached more than 200 startups, and they in turn are reaching over 10 million people. During the last year, the organisation grew its “impact venture investor network” to include more than 50 investors. Our work in publicising impact venture and sharing our learnings on impact, were viewed more than 175,000 times in 2021.

Who are our investments reaching?

In 2021, £400,000 was committed from Fair by Design Fund (Poverty Premium Fund), managed by Ascension Ventures, to CourtCorrect.


The legal system can be fragmented and inaccessible for many individuals without the means or capability to navigate it.

This may lead to unjust outcomes and/or unnecessary expensive legal fees. CourtCorrect provides an online legal system for companies and private users to resolve disputes fairly and swiftly. Its digital, centralised nature and next-gen AI technology, have the potential to significantly transform the industry in the years ahead.