Independent Quadrennial Review of Big Society Capital


The Big Society Trust (BST) has published its first independent Review of Big Society Capital and its effectiveness. The Quadrennial Review is the result of a new process commissioned by BST to be carried out every year (on rotation) on one of the four companies it oversees.

The Review concludes Big Society Capital has made “substantial progress towards its challenging and ambitious objectives" through our investments over the last eight years but also sets out the broad areas where we agree we can do more and improve further.

  • Independent Quadrennial Review Report

    The full report from the Independent Review Panel sets out the review process, key achievements and successes of Big Society Capital and strategic issues for further consideration.

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  • Big Society Capital's response

    Sir Harvey McGrath, Chair, Big Society Capital, shares our response and sets out a route map to work collaboratively to address the issues highlighted.

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  • The Big Society Trust's response

    The statement from The Big Society Trust sets out its response to the Independent Review's Report.

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  • Quadrennial Review Progress Update - 2021

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  • Quadrennial Review Progress Update - 2022

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