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Social investment is hugely diverse, and yet it has an ability to knit together a vast range of social issues, organisations, products and investors.

Our vision for the social investment reflects this diversity, and sees social investment leading to significant social impact in the UK. Our strategy for the next three years sets out a vision for the future of social investment, and what we can do as a champion and investor to work towards this vision. 

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 Our sister site GoodFinance.org.uk provides information for charities and social enterprises that want to find out more about social investment

We know that a diverse social investment market can generate significant social value for the UK. We have a clear vision for how to make this happen through the four strands of our strategy

This is not a vision that will be realised quickly, and some components may require a decade or longer to come to fruition. It is also not a vision that can be realised by Big Society Capital alone. It requires partnerships between investors, foundations, public agencies and most importantly charities and social enterprises. But we do believe substantial progress can be made in the next three years, and that Big Society Capital has a major part to play.

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Small and medium-sized charities

We want to see a social investment market where charities and social enterprises can access basic financial products to help them achieve their aims.


We want to see a market where social investors provide a unique mix of capital and expertise that allows organisations with innovative solutions to quickly grow and replicate.
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We want the UK social investment market to provide the opportunity for people and communities to engage and invest in the causes they care about. 


Some social intervention models that use property or capital-intensive assets require large amounts of capital. Using high-volume intermediaries and public markets, we aim to get institutional investors to fund these capital-intensive interventions.