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Garforth Neighbourhood Elders Team

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Garforth Neighbourhood Elders Team (NET) is working in partnership with Leeds City Council to use social investment to transform the way older people are supported in the community.


Older people can become increasingly isolated when partners die or when age reduces their ability to get out and about.


By referring older people with personal care budgets to community organisations, their care packages can be shaped around local activities and volunteer support.


Model Services are commissioned by Leeds City Council and funded from social care personal budgets. The investment is repaid through savings made by the council from reduced reliance on paid-for care and support.


By rooting support planning in the community, the care for older people is more in tune with local life. Older people that build care packages with the NET are connected with local volunteers and engaged in group activities with other older people from the community.

With funding for adult care facing a real crisis, neighbourhood networks supplement care provided by public agencies in a way that engages with the community and draws upon established local networks. It’s an innovative model that we want to support and see grow.

Ritchard Brazil, DERiC

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5 years
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