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Our role
as an investor

We invest in social investment intermediaries, who then invest in charities and social enterprises to tackle social issues across the UK

Our social investment approach

Partner with us

We aim to develop varied investment partnerships to drive social change. You can partner with us to co-develop new ideas

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We invest in intermediaries who provide financial or other support to charities and social enterprises. We do not invest directly in charities or social enterprises

Our investments

Our investments are helping charities and social enterprises make a difference all over the country

Latest investments

Social Finance

Revolving credit facility investment to support Social Finance deliver greater social impact.
Mustard Seed Impact Big Society Capital

Mustard Seed

Equity finance to support the development of Mustard Seed’s member network and funds under management.

Key Fund

Finance for charities and social enterprises in the Midlands and North of England.

Social Enterprise Investment Fund II

Growth capital for social enterprises

Get in touch with our investment team

Petronella is your first point of call if you have any questions about our investments
Jeremy runs the team that invests and manages our portfolio
Find out who in the team is focused on different social issue areas